Thursday, July 26, 2007

Some BIG Pre-Comic-Con LOST News

Big news today as the sun rises on Comic-Con 2007. The news was supposed to be the big surprise announcement at this afternoon's LOST Season 4 Panel in San Diego, but ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson let the cat out of the bag at a press conference yesterday. It is kind of a *SPOILER* and if you don't want to know about it, STOP READING NOW and don't read anything about LOST until Season 4 is over.

So what is the big news? ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson confirmed that Michael Dawson, played by Harold Parrineau, will be returning to the show in season 4. He didn't elaborate on any other details such as when the return might happen and in what capacity (i.e. flashbacks, flash-forwards or on-island). He also said nothing about Michael's son Walt Lloyd, played by Malcom David Kelly, who we last saw briefly in Locke's vision in "Through the Looking Glass."

Exciting news! I haven't really missed LOST too much since the finale in May, but I have been looking forward to the news coming out of Comic-Con this week. I suspect that producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse will give us a few more nuggets of info this afternoon. With that, I'm also sure it will get me thinking about season 4 and then I'll be counting down the days until February(!).

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Michael said...

I am not sure how you could have Walt return since the young actor who plays him has aged three years while they've been on the island just over 90 days. I think that's why thye had to write him out to begin with.

Of course, they could say time passes more slowly on the island that outside...