Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Here Comes The Sun

Yesterday was the first day of conference presentations, so we made our way to the university just before lunch. We had some pretty good food for lunch, but I think I am officially tired of herring. After having a couple of varieties with breakfast for two days and then another variety for lunch, I think I've had my fill for the trip. After lunch, I accompanied Roxi to three half-hour talks and then we partook in some sweets, coffee and tea provided by the conference. After checking out some academic books, Roxi and I headed back to the hotel to rest. Although it was only our second full day in Sweden it felt like we'd already been here a week because of how busy we've been seeing the sights.

After Roxi took a nap and I had a rest, we noticed our first hint of blue sky since we arrived. After a little while we noticed that it continued to clear and felt that it was time to get out and see Gothenburg under some direct sunlight. We headed back towards the river to find a dinner restaurant but were having trouble deciding what we wanted to eat. After looking at a few menus we settled on a tapas restaurant.

Roxi was getting tired and so after dinner we made our way back to the hotel so that she could prep for today's conference proceedings before bed. Before I went to sleep around midnight, I took this picture from our hotel room.

Although the picture might not do it justice, it was only just dusk outside! You can see the waning sunlight on the horizon in the picture. A mere four hours later, the sun was coming back up this morning. When I first woke at 4:30 this morning, the sun was already peaking through the curtains on our window! Not quite the midnight sun, but pretty damn close!

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bevworley@gmail said...

Hey Wes, I'm Beverly and I love your blog site and I've known Roxi since she was born. Ya'll's Europe trip sounded great as well as her Birthday! I look forward to meeting you at my house with Tom ,LaborDay/ Shower /Party weekend. I believe you will like "Norm Central", ....I can tell from your blog and from the fact that you love Roxi, too.Sincerely, beverly