Monday, July 30, 2007

DHARMA Orchid Orientation Film

The last little bit of information that came out of the LOST Panel at Comic Con is the just publicly released Orientation Video for Dharma Station Number #6: The Orchid. It is not a complete orientation video (although are any that we have seen truly complete?), but rather a behind the scenes look at the making of a Dharma Video. There are lots of pieces of information that are thrown in that could be legitimate clues about Season 4 or they could just be more red herrings. Whatever the case, it is nice to see something new two months into this very long hiatus.


Luke said...

Wow, thanks for posting that. I'd read about the video but hadn't seen it posted anywhere. This one is really interesting. It looks more and more like time travel is going to become an important part of the show, as the Casimir Effect ( )he mentions is related to wormholes ( )and time travel. I'm assuming that the #15 rabbit he was holding somehow traveled through time to show up simultaneously on the shelf behind him while filming? In any event that is some crazy stuff.

Bubba's Sis said...

Very crazy stuff! It's going to be a long wait until we see Lost again..........thanx for the tidbit!


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