Saturday, September 16, 2006

Texas A&M's Pyrrhic Victory

Jesus Christ! A&M won the game tonight, but I think they lost the war! This is the kind of game that some people would say makes a team stronger, but I have very little faith in the coaching staff right now. There was a time that I would have given Coach Fran and company the benefit of the doubt, but that is long gone. I really don't think these guys have any idea what they are doing. They caught a really lucky break at the end of the game after making so many sloppy calls and rookie mistakes. The thing that troubles me the most was calling a time out with 22 seconds left on the clock while Army had possession. The clock was running and Army had no idea what to do so Fran decided to give them a chance to figure it out!?! WTF?

There will be no television coverage for next week's game against Louisiana Tech and I am fine with that! I don't know if I am ready to sit for four hours and watch the players shoot themselves in the foot play after play. I know that Roxi will prefer having my attention next Saturday rather than listen to me curse every time the Aggies make a stupid mistake. I think I cursed more than cheered and my cheers usually contained some sort of profanity anyway. I'm ready to move on, to what kind of season, I'm not sure, but I hope for now that the better part of it is untelevised.


Bubba said...

I was hoping that Army would score because they out played and out coached us. I hate Fran.

katielady said...

Totally agree on the time-out call. WTF? It's not even my team and I hate Fran.

Bubba's Mom said...

Don't y'all think Coach Fran looks like a fat possum? He never changes expressions. Is he reading RC's play book?