Saturday, September 16, 2006

College Football Week 3

It's a big day in the world of college football because there are seven games being played between teams ranked in the top 25. After today's games are over, there will be a lot of movement in the rankings even if all of the higher ranked teams beat the lower ranked teams. Of course, I expect one or two upsets, but then again, I'm always rooting for the upsets as long as the Aggies aren't the ones being upset.

Today's action for the Aggies finds Texas A&M taking on the Black Knights of West Point. A&M has a very long and storied military tradition in it's own right. Now that the school is co-ed and the military service is non-compulsory, the old, all-male military days are referred to as Old Army. Many of the yells that the fans use during football games involve rooting for Army. Today's game against West Point, aka Army, will be interesting in that respect. My dad already told me that the traditional "Beat The Hell Outta (opponent)" yell has been changed from "Beat The Hell Outta Army!" to "Beat The Hell Outta The Black Knights!" In any event, prior to the game, the cadets of both schools will be marching in a traditional military parade. I've seen the Aggie Corps of Cadets march in San Antonio before and it was very impressive. Adding in the Cadets of West Point should make the parade even more inspiring.

Also today, Roxi's LSU Tigers will be taking on their hated rival, the Tigers of Auburn. Of course this is another case of what I mentioned above. In this case, both teams yell for their Tigers, but the differentiation is how the fans spell what they yell. Auburn fans will be yelling "Go Tigers," while the LSU fans will be yelling "Geaux Tigers." It's very subtle, but when you hear it, the difference is clear!

Bring on the football!!!

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