Monday, September 25, 2006

Only 10 More Days...

There are only ten more days until the season premiere of the third season of LOST and I am more than ready. I have spent the better part of my spare time during the summer reading various theories and rewatching the previous seasons on DVD in the hopes of gleaning some nugget of information that neither I nor the countless podcasters and webmasters have noticed before. I have a few ideas but I am ready for anything...the inevitable curveball that I know is coming. I'm ready for the ride. has a great article about how LOST has saved television. I haven't been this interested in a network drama since the first season of 24 in 2001. As long as there are shows like this, I'll feel like TV is worth saving. Beware: if you haven't seen both seasons of LOST and want to be surprised by all the plot twists, DO NOT read this article. It will spoil some great moments that should be experienced by watching the show. Only ten more days to go!

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