Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Quick Football Update

Roxi and I are in Houston today and have been too busy to really watch any football but I am sitting in front of the TV right and saw that my undergrad Aggies are beating The Citadel 21-3 at halftime, but more excitingly, my grad school, Georgia Tech, is really pushing around the number 2 ranked Notre Dame. The Yellow Jackets just scored first but the Irish are looking to get even with Tech now that they have possession of the ball. I'm definitely no football expert, but it sort of looks to me like Notre Dame is a little nervous about their ranking and are underperforming. Stay tuned to see if the Yellow Jackets can pull off the upset. I always like to see Notre Dame lose, but it would be especially nice to see it happen at the hands of one of my schools!

UPDATE: Georgia Tech couldn't hang on to upset the number 2 ranked Notre Dame, but the Aggies were able to handily defeat The Citadel 35-3. I got to see some of the rest of the Tech game and they put up a heck of a fight but Notre Dame shouldn't be excited about their win other than that they stayed undefeated. My guess is that they won't remain that way for long. They are extremely overrated at this point, but then again what else is new about bogus preseason rankings?

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