Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Small Town Syndrome

In a story happening close to where I live, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is looking into why Coopertown, TN Mayor Danny Crosby has blocked T. Allen Morgan from paying a speeding ticket. Morgan was driving through the town of just over 3000 people when he was stopped for a speeding ticket.

This is where the story gets good: Morgan wrote a check to pay the ticket and in the memo line he wrote "FOR SPEED TRAP" and drew stars around the words. Mayor Crosby refused to take the check and says that Morgan has to appear in court or write a new ticket without the words "speed trap" on it. Who does this guy think he is? As was pointed out on, he even looks like Boss Hogg! (The real one not that lame Burt Reynolds imitation.) I'm sure the TBI will set him straight and if not there are probably plenty of lawyers willing to help Morgan go after some of that handsome speeding ticket revenue Coopertown generates.

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