Wednesday, March 01, 2006

More on the Wright Amendment

Yesterday, Joel alerted me to an article in the Dallas Morning News about the Wright Amendment. The Dallas Morning News feels that their paper is so important, it requires registration to read their articles. In case you don't want to register (I can't blame you), I'll summarize the story for you: Some people like the Wright Amendment, some people don't. That's pretty much it. Nothing really new in the story but it's kind of surprising to see the part about Bill Frist trying to get Tennessee added to the growing list of states that have direct access to Love Field. The letter I got from his office last year sure sounded more like he was going out of his way to take no position on the issue. But at least the debate seems to be alive. I urge everyone to read the opposing positions of the major players: Southwest Airlines and American Airlines. The free market is supposed to dictate the price of goods and services, but unreasonable restrictions nullify the natural order of business. Personally, I think that American Airlines is terrified of the thought of having to offering competitive fares to and from Dallas, but that's just my opinion.

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