Friday, March 10, 2006

Conan in Finland

Several weeks ago, Conan O'Brien traveled to Finland to meet the female president who bears a striking resemblance to him. What precipitated this meeting actually started when some Finnish viewers informed Conan of his resemblance to their president, Tarja Halonen. His show airs in Finland and became increasingly more popular during Halonen's recent re-election campaign when his show aired some very funny American style attack ads against her competition. Halonen was re-elected and so Conan made an official visit while his show was being pre-empted by the Winter Olympics. While visiting, Conan made several appearances including one where he said he would be seeking a position as President Halonen's Minister of Sauna Inspections. Here is a fan site that detailed the many articles and video clips from his trip. But the coup de grace is happening tonight when Conan's entire show will be devoted to his week long visit. I wonder if Triumph the Insult Comic Dog also made the trip!

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