Thursday, February 16, 2006

Will the RIAA ever learn?

Continuing in it's campaign to alienate every music consumer in the United States, the Recording Industry Industry Association of America (RIAA) has declared that making copies of your own CDs for strictly personal use can be considered copywrite infringement. This could be applied to any copy that you choose to make, be it onto another CD, your computer hard drive or even your iPod! With statements like these, is it any wonder that the major market (CD) business is in the crapper? What is it going to take for these a-holes to realize that they are destroying the business, not some kid copying his CDs onto his mp3 player. These executives are doing so badly, they can't even afford to hire much needed public relations experts and consultants to advise them to cut their losses and embrace new and emerging technology. The clock is ticking for these guys and they are feeling the heat yet they continue the Sisyphean task of stopping technological progress.

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