Saturday, February 04, 2006

Music fans have spoken...

...and they have declared that most new music sucks! Personally, I don't see how you'd need any type of poll to prove this. Just listen to three Top 40 radio stations for thirty minutes each. Not only will you hear the same songs on all three stations, but you will probably hate about 80% of them.

The greatest thing about this survey is how music fans come out and say that record companies need to get over this obsession with blaming illegal downloads for poor music sales. Hopefully the powers that be will actually get their heads out of their asses and address the root cause of the problem: excrable music!

The survey goes on to cite outrageous CD prices as a problem as well and how more and more people are turning to digital download services like iTunes to pay for only the songs they want to hear. Couple that with the fact that digital music downloading dales increased by 65% in 2005 to account for $1.1 billion (with a B) of sales. I don't know how much music industry consultants are being paid to try to improve sales but it's obviously too much. It's funny because all the information they would need is already out there.

So today, I'd like to formally submit my application to be an advisor to the record industry. If hired, I would give them a simple, easy to understand presentation. I'd start with these facts and survey results, then I'd move on to discuss artist longevity and how current pop acts will never have any, and then I'd finish with a Power Point slide that says:


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