Monday, July 13, 2009


Although it has cooled off over the last week in Enschede, not long ago it was unseasonably hot here. Having no air conditioner we resorted to leaving our windows and balcony doors open to allow for a breeze to help cool the stuffy apartment. The only problem with this solution was that it allowed lots of very annoying flies to get in and buzz around our heads incessantly twenty-four hours a day. Not knowing where to find flypaper or any other way to deal with them, we just accepted it as a fact of life. Thanks to a friend, we were informed not only about where we might get some flypaper, but also about an ingenious tool called a vliegenvanger (flytrap).

This morning I made a trip into town only to find that on Mondays, most stores don't open until 1:00 in the afternoon. You'd think I'd know this by know after being here for more than six months, but I just don't find the need to go all the way into town very often as we have several nearby grocery stores that open earlier and usually carry everything that we need. Thankfully however, two of the few stores open before noon were the ones that I needed to acquire these important fly exterminating implements.

The flypaper was a welcome find at the first store, but the vliegenvanger was the really exciting purchase. Although called a flytrap, it would be better described as a hand held bug zapper! It's about the size of a racquetball racquet, but instead of strings, it has a fine metal mesh connected to two AA batteries. The metal mesh is electrified by the touch of a button. By now, I'm sure you know where this is going!

A fly's worst nightmare...

"Electronic fly- / wasptrap"

A hand-held bug zapper!

Vliegenvanger In Action:

I defy anyone in PETA to spend a night in our apartment and not want to use this device several times to do away with these annoying pests!


Roxanne Benoit Raine said...

Well here is PETA's (amusing) solution:
"Katcha Bug™ Humane Bug Catcher is for you! Simply place Katcha Bug™ over the bug and slowly slide its plastic trapdoor shut."
--Somehow, I don't see that working!

Wes Raine said...

I like the suggested "Humane 'Smart' Moustrap."

Why is "Smart" in quotes? And is this for pests or pets? This looks more like something you would buy for a hamster. Give me a break PETA.

A Touch of Dutch said...

Yours works much better than ours! We broke ours last year because we used it so much ;-)