Thursday, July 16, 2009

Biking to Germany

Since we arrived in Enschede, it has been my plan to take a bike ride to Germany just because it is so close. Since the weather has gotten warmer and the rains have stopped, I've been threatening to go on several occasions now. Today was finally the day and it was a great afternoon of bike riding and exploring.

I started my trip at 1:30 in the afternoon by heading to the city center of Enschede. From there, it was uncharted territory. Thankfully, it's easy to get to Germany from the city center as you just follow Gronausestraat all the way.

Heading east towards Germany.

I appreciate the street name that tells you where you are headed.

The bike ride was very pleasant on the clear afternoon and although it was very sunny, it was not overly hot. After making my way through the small town of Glanerbrug, I crossed the German border and entered the outskirts of Gronau.

Leaving Enschede...

...and entering Glanerbrug, the last Dutch town before crossing the German border.

Leaving Glanerbrug crossing the Glanerbeek stream into Germany.

German speed limits in the cities, outside of the cities and on the motorways (in kph course).

Road sign for the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany.

Entering Gronau in the Borken district of Westmunsterland.

"Welcome to the Borken district."

After a short ride through the outskirts of the town, I arrived in the city center about forty-five minutes after leaving our apartment in Enschede covering a little over 10 miles in that time. I spent the next forty-five minutes exploring the city center and surrounding area before heading back home to Enschede.

Once in Germany, Gronausestraat became Enscheder Strasse.

Tower in the city center.

A picture really is worth a thousand words because without this graphic illustration, I might have been inclined to run over several people in Gronau.

St. Anthony Church

St. Anthony: patron saint of pigs.

Gronau Church

Dinkel River

Old building... climbing wall.

Dragon-Cow or Cow-Dragon?

0.6 km to the Netherlands


LaPetiteFemme said...

Hi Wes Raine,
next month I will be in Enschede and I want to bike to Gronau. Is there any passport check at the border? If there is any, how long does it take?
Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Wes Raine said...


There is no passport check at the border of the Netherlands and Germany between Enschede and Gronau thanks to the Schengen Agreement.

The only way that you will know that you have crossed the border is that the road signs will change from Dutch to German.

Have fun in Enschede!

Kind regards,