Saturday, April 18, 2009

Turkish Cultural Night

With so many international students on campus, there are very frequent cultural events put on by the various student associations here at the University of Twente. This evening we went attended Turkish Cultural Night hosted by the Turkish Student Association. Before the dinner and entertainment, Roxi and I made our way around the room looking at all the pictures of the multitude of environments in the country. I suppose I should have assumed that there would be skiing in Turkey because there are mountains, but it never really occurred to me before. There are also of course beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean and Black Seas. Besides the natural wonders, there is so much history in the country dating back to Greek and Roman times in addition to the Seljuq, Ottoman and modern Turkish cultures. It really appears to be a very culturally rich nation.

Dinner was fantastic and it was followed up by some traditional Turkish dancing. Unfortunately we couldn't stay for the entire event, but we certainly enjoyed what we saw. We decided that we must visit Turkey as soon as possible because it looks to be a simply beautiful country.

Another of my obligatory pictures of food.

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Roxanne Benoit Raine said...

Hey I just picked up my paper copy of the UTNieuws at work and there's an article in English about the Turkish cultural night. It's available online.
I don't know what's up with hyper-links in blogger comments, so here is the whole link to cut and paste if you gotta: