Saturday, April 25, 2009


A tent city started to form on the University of Twente campus yesterday and it has grown into a tent metropolis as thousands of students from around the Netherlands and beyond arrived in Enschede in advance of the 37th Batavierenrace this weekend. The race began in Nijmegen last night at midnight and concluded here in Enscede this afternoon. Tonight the participants and others will take part in the largest student party in Europe. It is quite a site to see, so much so that my parents decided to stay in Enschede one more night before continuing their vacation in Maastricht in the south of the Netherlands.

UPDATE: 1:00 AM: We just got back from the big party (although it is still going on and will be for until at least 8 AM) and we had a great time! We drank a fair amount of beer, saw a band play some Dutch music and did some people watching. A great time was had by all! Who would have thought that when my parents came to visit us, they would get to see the largest gardens in the world and the largest student party in Europe?!

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A Touch of Dutch said...

Cool coverage on this, Wes! I got your blog link from your wife ;-) Great blogs you both have! I'm adding them to my favorites.