Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Some Like It Hoth"

Well ABC has done it again...they've made the producers of the show into liars. Next week, we will be having the second break in our "uninterrupted" season of LOST. I mean honestly...if you know the season is going to be 17 episodes long and you want the season to end in May just do the math you TV programing monkeys! Why advertise an uninterrupted season starting in January if you don't intend to keep up your end of the deal! They could have just started the season two weeks later and it would have still ended in mid-May! I'm sorry for this rant, but this is about the principle of the matter. They must take us for idiots! Do they really think that we'd forget? At this point, I'll be happy when LOST is over next year just so we don't have to be jerked around by ABC anymore. But enough about that...


Hurley working on the script for "Empire Strikes Back" was funny but I don't think I thought it was as funny as I'm sure the writers did. And that about sums up how I feel about this episode. It was okay but it was a lot of mostly inconsequential stuff in between a few important things. It seems like there's been a few too many episodes like this already considering how short the season is. But there were some tantalizing things that we learned and saw.

Right away we got confirmation of what a lot of us have been speculating: Miles is indeed Pierre Chang's son. Of course they waited until the middle of the episode to actually say it out loud but any fan who has been paying attention will remember the woman at the beginning of this episode as the woman from the beginning of the season with Pierre Chang and the baby. I liked seeing Miles' back story even though I am still not comfortable with his character's "ability." Unlike the time travel story, his communion with the dead just seems cheap and, in the case of this episode, a bit of a plot contrivance used to advance certain story lines. That all being said, Miles as a character has grown on me, mostly because they haven't resorted to over-using his ability. Of that I am very glad because when he was using it in his "audition" with Naomi, I couldn't help but think of how Greg Grundberg looks when he's reading people's thoughts in Heroes and that is just lame.

Roger told Kate to mind her own business and it's about damned time someone said that to her. Since Season 1 she's screwed up a lot of stuff because she wanted to be involved. Don't get me wrong, I like her a lot more after her episode a few weeks ago, but she really needs to butt out sometimes especially since things have been tense ever since she arrived in 1977! And what the hell was with Jack? When he talked to Roger in the classroom he could have said he didn't know Kate, but he just had to go and defend her and make Roger that much more suspicious. And then he had the nerve to tell Sawyer that he had a talk with Roger and that it was okay. BS! I can't help but think that Jack is trying to undermine Sawyer a bit. Incidently, did anyone else notice what Jack was erasing from the chalkboard in the school room? It was lessons about ancient Egyptian language.

It was interesting to learn a little more about the Dharma Initiative on the Island especially seeing the construction of the Swan Station and learning that the magnetic force is what caused the construction worker to die. I think they missed a great opportunity to have something bad happen when they were marking the Numbers on the hatch with Hurley watching. It was also great to see the scientist who arrived from Ann Arbor. I hope that means that we'll be seeing a Faraday episode soon. I really want to know more about him, especially why he was crying when we first say him last year. It was nice to see Naomi again and I hope that we will see her recruiting Daniel in his episode that is sure to come.

Bram, the guy who talked to Miles when they abducted him on the street, was one of the guys with Ilana last week when she asked Frank about "what lies in the shadow of the statue." So who are they working for? It seems like they represent a third party. Then again they could be working for Ben and just not know it. But it does make me wonder how many people on Ajira 316 are part of this new faction. I hope we learn a lot more about them before the end of the season.

And that's really all I can think of to say about this episode so far. Not much happened. Of course this is all a setup for the last few episodes that will start in two weeks. What happened to Sayid? What has Faraday been up to? What is Swan Station really for? Why is Radzinsky such an a-hole? These are some of the questions that I hope to have answered soon.

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