Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Week of Travels

I’ve been out of steady computer communication for the past week while Roxi and I have been touring Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris with Garrett and Nicole. We had a wonderful time with them on their first trip to Europe and were sad to head home, but we too are glad to be back in Enschede. Traveling certainly takes a lot out of you but we had a relatively good experience despite the sometimes frustrating nature of travel.

We left Enschede on Monday for Amsterdam where we spent two nights on a houseboat. Wednesday we took a train to Brussels where we spent one night in the heart of the city. On Thursday we took the high-speed train to Paris where we spent two nights a very short walk from the Moulin Rouge. We got back into Enschede about an hour ago and have got to get some rest...but not before watching the new episode of LOST!

I will start blogging about our trip soon and of course give my thoughts on an episode of LOST I've been waiting for all season!

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