Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Market

Every Saturday, vendors set up in the large plaza just to the south of the city center creating a large open market. Roxi and I made a trip into town this afternoon to check it out and now we know where we'll be doing a lot of shopping. It reminded me of what the French Market in New Orleans was like before Hurricane Katrina.

The market is definitely the place to be on Saturday. Roxi and I have made several trips to the town center of Enschede since we've been here and have been wondering where the crowds were. It turns out that (at least during the winter months) they don't venture into town except on Saturdays. And they don't only come from Enschede either. Being only a few miles away, the Saturday market apparently attracts a large number of Germans for the day as well. We arrived around two in the afternoon and it was going strong. I would like to visit early one Saturday to see if it is even busier when it first opens.

The market has everything from clothes to food items. There were stands with fresh eggs, big wheels of cheese, fresh fish, fresh fruits and vegetables and of course flowers and wooden shoes. There were also booths selling all kinds of ready to eat foods both local and not so local. We were actually very surprised to see a lot of booths selling fried foods. The look and the feel immediately brought to mind many a Louisiana festival with their various and sundry fried foods. I've always been led to believe that only Americans are gluttons for all things fried, but it appears that is not entirely true.

Wheels of Cheese

Table of Meats

I love sausage but there is something strange about it being displayed this way!

More Cheese


More Wheels of Cheese

Farm Fresh Eggs

Fresh Fish

Not sure what kind of fish this is, but it must be delicious if they don't worry about how ugly it looks when they are trying to sell it!

These fish look very oily.

We opted out of eating the market food and went to a warm restaurant to have a leisurely late lunch. After lunch we returned to the market and decided that we would take a look at the fresh fruits to see if anything suited our fancies. We couldn't pass up the incredible prices! In a matter of minutes we had several large bags full of enough fruits to last for at least a couple of weeks. And the purchasing process was like we were in a movie. There was cash being quickly collected in exchange for large bags of fruits and vegetables while the salesmen were shouting out the great deals to other passerbys in the hopes of getting more business. It was a sight to see!

We ended up with 5 kgs of clementine oranges, 5 kgs of apples, 3 kgs of asian pears, 1 kg of tomatoes and 1 kg of lemons and all for 15 Euros!

Maybe next week we'll brave some of the unusual fresh fish!

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Tersie said...

Hello from a random traveler. Thank you so much for posting the photos! I would love to see an open outdoor market like that. I live in Ohio. The closest thing I've got are the farmers markets in the summer and autumn. But I don't think they'd even come close to comparing to an experience like that.