Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our Apartment

The housing department found our apartment in the beginning of December and we accepted it sight unseen. Obviously we really couldn't afford to wait to get here and look at places before we picked one but the prospect made both Roxi and I a little nervous. The website didn't have very representative pictures but it did tell us that the total area was 36 square meters. Doing the math, that breaks down to about 387.5 square feet. The website also told us that it had a furnished living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Honestly, it's been hard for me to imagine anything but a 19 ft square room all along, but now that we are here, I'm pretty impressed with the size of the place. Don't get me wrong; it's very small, but what do a married couple and cat really need?

Our apartment is half of the first floor above the ground level.

We lucked out and got a first floor apartment in our building although there is an elevator if we had ended up getting one of the flats on the seventh floor.

Our living room window and balcony.

As promised, we have a living room (including TV which I was not expecting) connected to a small kitchen with a dormitory sized refrigerator and four-burner gas stove (no oven though), a bedroom, and a private bathroom with shower (apparently a premium in Europe a campus apartment at the university).

Entry Room (Photo taken from bedroom door)

Living Room (Photo taken from entry room door)

Living Room (Photo taken from living room balcony door)

Kitchen (Photo taken from living room)

Bedroom (Photo taken from entry room door)

Bathroom (Photo taken from entry room door)

We also have two small balconies, one off the living room and overlooking the tennis courts and playing fields, the other off the kitchen and overlooking the entrance way and road.

Living Room Balcony (Photo taken from living room)

View from the living room window and adjoining balcony.

Kitchen Balcony (Photo taken from kitchen)

View from bedroom window and kitchen balcony.

We've moved the furniture around and unpacked most of our things and are now pretty settled in. It's great having a kitchen because both of us like to cook and it really saves a lot of money to eat at home rather than have to go out to a restaurant for every meal.

We both feel pretty comfortable now that we have made this place our own. We probably would have chosen different furniture but beggars can't be choosers when we have gotten such a good deal on this apartment. Consider me satisfied.


Anonymous said...

A shower is a premium in Europe?!?
Is that really what you are saying?

Wes Raine said...

Touche, Anonymous!