Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friday Night In Enschede

We made a trip into a cold and rainy Enschede last night for dinner and drinks. I guess it was because of the weather, but there weren't as many people out and about as I was expecting. Of course it could have also been that most of the shops were closed. The restaurants and bars were open and that was our chief concern. We ended up at a really great Mediterranean restaurant and had some delicious shawarma. Then it was off to several bars to get a feel for which might be our style. The first was a really nice British style pub but it was kind of empty. The second place was our favorite of the night. It was more like a beer garden with a selection as well as a large menu of fingerfoods. Plus it was a very comfortable atmosphere and was not overly crowded. The final bar was exactly the opposite; overcrowded and a very minimal beer selection. We had a good time exploring some of the Friday night options. It will will be nice to go back on a much more hospitable night.

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Anonymous said...

Wes and Roxi that sounds like fun! How do you say "bar hopping" in Dutch?