Saturday, November 10, 2007

Texas A&M at Missouri

Is this this last road trip for embattled Coach Fran? It looks like it might be if you believe all of the internet buzz. The problem right now is that Texas A&M AD Bill Byrne seems to be a contradiction to me. On the one hand, he is known as a no nonsense administrator and will make the decisions necessary for an athletic program to flourish. On the other hand he seems to me like he can be a stubborn a-hole on principle. However, I think that "Dollar" Bill is a smart guy and knows that if the majority of donors don't believe in Fran, there is no way that he can stay at A&M any longer. From what I am seeing, it looks like the vocal internet posters and bloggers don't want to wait until after Thanksgiving but would rather Fran's head on a platter now. But on principle, Bill Byrne will wait until after the Texas game to bring down the ax.

So is the Missouri game a forgone conclusion. I think so, but I have been wrong before. I remember when R.C. Slocum got a win against top ranked Oklahoma in his final season. But that didn't save his job. Even a win against Texas probably wouldn't save Fran's job either. It's funny because it was a loss to Missouri that sealed Slocum's fate six years ago and it looks as though it will do the same for Fran. I feel bad for the players who have supported Fran though all of this, but they have to know deep down in their hearts that things aren't working and Fran is just not a good fit for the A&M program and it's fans. I only hope that when the smoke has cleared, we haven't traded one mediocre coach for another.

(BTHO mizzou!)

UPDATE: Mizzou predictable defeated the Aggies by a score of 40-26. What more can be said?

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