Tuesday, November 27, 2007

LOST: Missing Pieces 3: "King of The Castle"

The third installment of the LOST mobisodes is out (a day late I might add) and it offers a chess game between Ben and Jack and conversation about the choice to leave the island. There isn't too much substance or character development in this missing piece, but there are a couple of nice call backs to Season 3.

Click here for "King of The Castle."

In writer's strike news, talks resumed yesterday but there is a media blackout, so I guess we'll hear something when they want us to hear something. Meanwhile, in Hawaii, production of Season 4 has been shut down since November 21. All principle photography on the first half of the season is finished and only post-production is left at this point. The strike needs to be resolved soon or I fear that the rest of Season 4 will have to be postponed until 2009(!).

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