Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Another good episode of LOST tonight; not quite as good as last week but this one definitely had a killer moment at the end.


The main focus of the episode was of course the paternity of Sun's baby. I'm glad to see that it is in fact Jin's and that it was conceived on the island, however we all know what this means for Sun... Juliet said that no woman on the island has made it through the second trimester which Sun notes should give her two months. That should put us right about the series finale by my calculation. Was anyone really surprised when Juliet went back to the Staff Station to "tidy up" and actually left a message for Ben. She can say that she hates him all she wants under her breath, but that isn't going to make me sympathetic to her plight. And what was with the comment about getting a sample of Kate soon? Did Kate and Sawyer's rendezvous in the polar bear cage result in Kate becoming pregnant?

It was also very interesting to learn that Sun is essentially responsible for all the grief that her father gave Jin. Of course she took the hush money to protect Jin from his mother, but by taking it, her father decided to make Jin's life a living hell. Jin's longer work hours began to drive them apart and eventually led to Sun's affair with Jae Lee. It is obvious that she regrets her affair, but she has no one to blame but herself.

Meanwhile, in the story that just kept adding surprises, we picked up with Desmond, et al. where we left off last week. The parachutist was barely conscious and had a pretty bad injury. Luckily, Mikhail ran out of the jungle to help!!!!! How in the hell is he even alive? The last time that we saw him, blood was running out of his ears and he was foaming at the mouth. If the island has such strong healing powers, does anyone ever really die? In any event, he agreed to help if they let him go when he was done. He did some fancy field triage with some great sucking sound effects when he drained the parachutist's lung. When he was done with her he left, but not before trying to steal the satellite phone. Thankfully Jin was paying attention and was able to get the phone back before they sent Mikhail on his way.

So the final scene was the real punch in the guts. Is this the "game changer" that the producers have been saying would be coming all season? The parachutist started to wake up and ask where she was. Hurley was the only one with her and thankfully told her who they were, that he didn't know where they were and that they survived the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. She said it was impossible because the wreckage of Flight 815 had been found and that there where no survivors. Hurley responded the same way that every single person watching this episode probably responded: "What?" Awesome! I can't wait to see where this is going!!!

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Answers........and more questions!! Thus goes the Lost mind game.

I love it!