Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"Par Avion"

Wow! Three great episodes of LOST in a row! This second part of the season started really strong with "Not In Portland" but then, for me, it kind of lagged with "Flashes Before Your Eyes" and "Stranger In A Strange Land," but since we've gotten back to the beach, this season has gotten very strong! And it doesn't appear to be stopping!! Next week looks to include yet another big reveal to a very old question.


So first of all, there was really no surprise to me, or anyone watching with me, when Claire's father was revealed to be Christian Shephard. And the fact that she never asked his name ties up the loose end of why she didn't realize that she was Jack's half-sister when they first met on the island.

Desmond was back giving Charlie all those menacing looks and cryptic advice and that made me laugh; not so much at Charlie's imminent demise, but rather at the awkwardness of Desmond's attempts to help. Plus the line from Claire asking Charlie to get some knives was well timed. Charlie didn't need Desmond to tell him that was a bad idea.

Mikhail didn't last long in this episode but we did get a little more information before he was needlessly pushed to his death by Locke. He confirmed that The Others know a hell of a lot about the Losties and that most of the Losties aren't worthy of knowing or understanding the big secret of the island because they are all flawed...they weren't on The List. He knew everything about Sayid, Kate and Locke, but he almost revealed too much. Just before being cut off by Rousseau's discovery of the security fence, he said "I must be confused because the John Locke I know is para..." Was he about to say paralyzed? Roxi thinks so and after watching a second time, I have to agree. He also revealed that Ben is not the man that brought him and all of "his people" to the island. I tend to think that it was Jacob...whoever that is. Sadly that is all the information we got out of Mikhail before Locke pushed him into the sonic security fence that killed him.

I used to think Locke was a bad ass but I'm really starting to think he is just a normal guy who got screwed over one too many times in his past and he just snapped. I guess we can look forward to getting some of that story next week. But I digress. The point is that Locke has no intention of leaving the island and he seems motivated to do everything he can to prevent the Losties' rescue. I think he still has Henry Gale in his head from the time in the Swan Station that Gale told him he was caught trying to bring Locke back to be with The Others. I don't know if we should expect to see Locke becoming an Other or if he is just sick of getting jerked around by people he thinks he can trust. Only time will tell, but it looks like we may get a little of the story next week.

Claire's idea of getting rescued is not bad. It still won't work because most of the Losties don't realize that the island is still hidden from the real world. But it made for a good story, bringing her back into the mix. But the crowning moment of this episode was the final scene before the credits. The image of Jack appearing to be running from The Others barracks only to turn around at the last second and catch a football. FREAKIN' BRILLIANT!!!! To see him laughing and throw it back to Tom was just icing on the cake! This is why LOST rocks! I have no idea where is this is all going, but I am really excited about the ride!

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