Thursday, March 08, 2007

"Enter 77"

What really was the DHARMA Initiative? Are The Others what's left since it ended? How did/do they communicate with the outside world? In true LOST fashion, we may have learned the answers to some of these questions.


Last week's preview promised that we would see Mr. Eyepatch and sure enough the episode delivered from the get go. His name is Mikhail and he first claimed to be the last living member of the DHARMA Initiative. He said he had been on the island for eleven years and joined by answering a newspaper ad about"saving the world." Apparently, the island was inhabited by "the hostiles," presumably The Others, before DHARMA ever arrived. DHARMA attempted to purge the island of "the hostiles" but was destroyed in the process. Mikhail claims to have survived by not taking part in the war. Now he lives in the Flame, the inoperable communications station. Of course we found out not long after that Mikhail is one of The Others and that everything he said could very well be lies. He claimed that his only lie was that he was never a member of DHARMA. I think that Ryan at The Transmission has the best summary/theory of the history between DHARMA and The Others.

As Roxi always tells me, we'll find out about character/story "x" when we don't care to know any more. Sure enough, I had pretty much written Ms. Klugh off and wouldn't you know she showed up!?! Of course she didn't last long and certainly didn't give any clue as to her purpose. But I guess I should expect that by now.

The other big revelation was that the communications satellite was inoperable, but Locke was able to access other options in the computer, namely the self-destruct command. Lucky for them (and us) Sayid found a map to the Barracks (most likely the little village from the third season premiere). Does Locke want to be rescued? Roxi and I were talking about this over dinner and I don't think he does. I was reminded by the Jay & Jack Podcast that Locke was the one that sabotaged Sayid's attempt to use the radio from the plane in Season One and of course there is that little issue of his handicap back in the outside world. Maybe his execution of 77 was not as accidental or bumbling as it seems...

All in all, this was a good episode. I only hope that this doesn't make the writers get stingy with mythology.

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What is the connection between two of the Losties? My guess is that Jack and Claire are half-brother and -sister...but that seems too obvious doesn't it?


Bubba's Sis said...

That is my guess, too - in fact, I have thought that about Jack and Claire for some time now...

Still too many questions and not enough answers!

Roxanne said...

I am liking this second part of this season so much. They still aren't answering quite enough questions to make the show really exciting again, but it's a heck of a lot better than the first part of this season (and last season, for that matter)!