Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"Tricia Tanaka is Dead"

Well I have to say, I really enjoyed tonight's episode of LOST. It was funny and more importantly, included so many of the characters that have been conspicuously absent this season. What struck the most was how I had actually forgotten that a typical episode would check in with most, if not all, of the characters on the beach.


Of course there was one absent Lostie on the beach; Jack is with The Others, but I really didn't miss him much. Although I am starting to like him again, I am feeling Jack-fatigue from his almost constant focus of the first ten episodes not to mention his two flashbacks thus far this season. In any event, it was nice to see Hurley, Jin, Charlie and Vincent (!) having a good time this week.

As has become the case with flashbacks this season, we learned very little about Hurley that we didn't already know although we did learn the source of his weight problem. It was also touching to see him having a very heartfelt conversation with Libby in the graveyard. I hope we see her again in some flashbacks this year; there has got to be more to her story.

We also really didn't get a lot of island mythology other than DHARMA had a least one powder blue Volkswagon bus and the poor bastard who died in it was named Roger (Work Man; that made me laugh out loud!). I also have to say that I loved Sawyer's banter with Jin, Hurley and Charlie. He's definitely glad to be out of his cage!

So Hurley and company have "hope" again after getting the bus started and it sure did make me feel good too. What made me feel even better was that Kate sought the help of Danielle Rousseau. Of course we won't find out how Rousseau will be able to help until next week (if you believe the preview...fool me once...). I think next week's episode should start with Kate shaking Rousseau and demanding to know why she has been lying about what she knows about The Others. Of course this is only my opinion and it would be far too logical to ever occur in this show.

So after two weeks of what I considered mediocre episodes, I had a good time watching tonight even if there were no big mysteries revealed. Things seem better now that almost everyone is back on the beach. Now I'm just looking forward to finding out about Mr. Eyepatch.

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Roxanne said...

HA! Skeletor? No, Roger Workman!