Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"Left Behind"

So after last week's fluff piece with Nikki and Paulo, we are going to get back to the meat of the story, right? Well, not exactly...


Not a whole lot happened in this episode. We found out that Locke left with The Others, while Kate, Jack, Sayid and Juliet were left behind. Kate and Juliet had a little fight over Jack but were interrupted by the monster in the jungle. Interestingly enough, Juliet doesn't know what it is either. However she does know that it doesn't like the sonic fence. That was pretty cool looking. As for what we know about the smoke monster, this time it appeared to be taking pictures of Juliet when it first approached in the jungle. Maybe it was gathering data on her for the first time kind of like it did with Mr. Eko and presumably Locke on their first encounters.

In any event, Kate's flashback was pretty pointless other than the fact that she met Cassidy and teamed up with her to get to visit her mom. We learned why her mom reacted the way she did in the hospital in one of Kate's season one flashbacks, but it wasn't something that I was losing sleep over. In fact, Kate's flashbacks are about as useful as Jack's at this point, and by that I mean, not very. I like to see these characters on the island, but I think I'd rather learn more about the back stories of Danielle, Ben, Tom, Desmond, etc. Maybe by the end of the season we'll get one or two of those, but I'm not holding my breath.

It looks like the ABC promo people haven't learned their lesson for overhyping an episode based on the promo for next week. There were hints that a lot of information would be revealed, but I'm definitely not expecting too much on that front. A little info will be appreciated, but there's no need to potentially alienate more viewers and fans by these kinds of promos. But I guess I should wait and see before I pass too harsh of a judgment.

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Bubba's Sis said...

The potential for a lot of answers is there with Juliet - but will we get them? I'm guessing some, but not much. Just enough to keep us hungering for more, I'm sure!

Where DID those Others disappear to?