Saturday, January 27, 2007

LOST Moments 11

This edition of LOST Moments is all kind of WTF! First of all, if there was ever any doubt that Sawyer would make it out of the polar bear cages alive, here is your answer. Second of all, there's a frickin' VW bus on the island? What is this about? It reminds me of the time in Futurama where a work crew digs up a VW bus, Fry gets it working again and follows Beck and Bender around the country like a Deadhead. But getting back to the Lost Moment, there's also beer in the VW bus, so Sawyer and Jin get drunk while Jin learns all he really needs to be able to tell a woman in English.

There are only 11 days left until LOST returns and as I've been getting excited, these LOST Moments just keep bringing me down and making me more nervous about how bad the rest of this season could be. The potential is there for a really great conclusion to the season, but it could really go either way. I hate to sound like I'm "too cool" for LOST or that it's "cool to be a hater," but come on! This goofiness is not what attracted me to LOST in the beginning. On a more optimistic note, I listed to an interview with Michael Emerson (Henry Gale/Benjamin Linus) on the Comic News Insider Podcast and he may have given a few hints as to what we can expect from the rest of the season and I like what I heard. Check it out for yourself as well as LOST Moments 11:

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Roxanne said...

uh, yeah. wtf and not even in a shocked way. Just an annoyed and disappointed way