Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year, Indeed

Rumor has it that the Police will be reuniting sometime this year, the thirtieth anniversary of the release of "Roxanne." I am of course a little skeptical seeing as how Sting has pretty much always dismissed a Police reunion by saying that he is not a fan of nostalgia. Only time will tell but this would definitely be a huge money making venture if it happens. Of course, Sting and Stewart Copeland would also have to get over the enmity that has surrounded them since the band first formed.

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Roxanne said...

oh dear, that dreadful song that has plagued my existence will once again rise to the masses, imploring them to bombard my innocent ears with subtle reference to prostitution and indiscretion! Say it aint so, Sting, haven't you done enough to the Roxannes of the world?