Saturday, January 20, 2007

LOST Moments 10

As we get closer to the February return of LOST, there has been an increase in news specifically about how long the show might have left. The producers have said before that they have plotted out four to five seasons but then sort of dismissed that after the fact. Now it appears that they are actually contemplating what they claim would be a satisfying conclusion to the show and that the time frame would be sooner rather than later. I don't know if they are feeling the pressure of falling ratings or fan backlash, but whatever the reason, they are starting to talk about their plans of how it should all end. Of course this entire topic is moot if the executives at ABC try to squeeze more blood out of this drying turnip. All I think that true fans of LOST really want is for some semblance of progress to be made in the various story lines, something that was sorely lacking in the opening six episodes of Season 3. Roxi has been re-watching the first two seasons and whenever I happen to catch an episode with her, I can't help but be reminded of how great LOST really was in the beginning. I am looking forward to the rest of Season 3, but I can't say that I am all that excited...not as much as I could or should be. Hopefully, this reevaluation of the show by the producers will help get things back on track before it is too late, although that ship has already sailed for some people.

Here's the latest LOST Moment as seen on CTV. I'll be on the lookout for the ABC version and post it when it's available.

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Roxanne said...

I want an "other" flashback!

And I want it in the first episode of the season!