Friday, December 15, 2006

New York, New York!

Roxi and I are finally back together again after her long trip to Europe! We rendezvoused in New York yesterday. After a full morning of travelling by air and about an hour and a half of train and subway travels, Roxi and I met at Grand Central Station. We then took a cab to Joel and Katie's place in Manhattan. We took in a little of the neighborhood while we were waiting for Joel to get home from work. Next we were joined by my brother Garrett and his girlfriend Nicole for dinner at Rack & Soul, a barbecue and soul food restaurant. We had a good dinner and then took a short walk to a must see spot for any respectable Seinfeld fan:

We finished off hanging out at Joel and Katie's apartment waiting for Katie to get home from choir practice. So far we're having fun and plan to have more today!

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