Saturday, December 02, 2006

College Football Week 14

As noted last week, Texas A&M's regular season is over but my other alma mater, Georgia Tech, is playing Wake Forest for the ACC Championship and a BCS berth in the Orange Bowl. Right now, Georgia Tech is leading by 6-3 but Wake has been keeping up all along. During my grad school days at Georgia Tech, I never really could get that excited by ACC football. The conference is much better now that Virginia Tech and Miami have joined but I'm still always preoccupied with how A&M is doing during the fall. It stands to reason as I spent four and a half years at A&M (five football seasons) and only a year a half at Georgia Tech (one football season). In any event, I do like to see Georgia Tech succeed (as long as they aren't playing the Aggies!) so here's to the Yellow Jackets beating the Demon Deacons.

Also going on today is the Cal vs. Stanford game. As announced earlier this week, Texas A&M will be facing Cal in the Holiday Bowl in San Diego. If Cal wins today, they will have an identical 9-3 record when they face the Aggies on December 28. Right now Cal is leading Stanford with a score of 3-0. Of course there are other bigger games going on today like the Big XII and SEC Championships which have BCS bowl game implications as well as USC vs. UCLA which has national title implications. We'll see how they all shake out this evening followed by the rest of the bowl announcements tomorrow.

UPDATE: Wake Forest just kicked a field goal to tie the score. Eight minutes left to play.

UPDATE: Wake Forest just kicked another field goal giving tham a three-point lead over Gerogia Tech with under three minutes to play.

UPDATE: Wake Forest are the ACC Champs and Orange Bowl bound after beating Georgia Tech by a score of 9-6. It was a game of defense and inconsistent offense in which no touchdowns were scored. Congrats to Wake Forest, a team that has certainly worked hard over the past few years to put themselves in a position to play for a conference title. Meanwhile, it's halftime in Berkeley with Cal leading Stanford by a score of 13-10.

UPDATE: Cal beat Stanford by a final score of 26-17 giving them a 9-3 record when they meet the 9-3 Aggies in the Holiday Bowl on December 28. They are going to be a tough team but if we play with intensity and focus, we can win. Meanwhile in Los Angeles, UCLA is working on an major upset against USC. UCLA is leading by a score of 13-9 with only five minutes left to play. This is why they play the game!

UPDATE: UCLA pulled off a major upset against USC by winning with a score of 13-9. USC will not play for a National Championship for the first time in three years. The BCS computers just started smoking.

UPDATE: The Big XII Championship game just started and Bob Stoops is wearing a cap instead of a visor. It looks just plain weird. Meanwhile, Arkansas seems to have momentum in the SEC Championship even though they are down by three. All over Michigan, people are gearing up for an Ohio State rematch.

UPDATE: Florida beat Arkansas by a score of 38-28. So who will be playing Ohio State for the National Championship? Will it be a rematch with Michigan or will it be Urban Meyer's Gators? Meanwhile, Rutgers and West Virginia look like they are on the verge of heading into triple overtime to determine the Big East Champion.

UPDATE: West Virginia edged out Rutgers 41-39 giving the Big East crown and trip to a BCS bowl game to Louisville while Oklahoma took advantage of Nebraska mistakes to give them the win by a score of 21-7 and a trip to the Fiesta Bowl. So now we wait for the votes to be cast to see if the National Championship game is something I'll care to watch. I don't really care in either scenario but there is one that couldn't care less about. Can you guess which one that is?

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