Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Buildings Around The City

Roxi and I spent the majority of the past two days doing what I love in a big city: taking pictures of really cool buildings. We made trips into Midtown on Monday and Tuesday giving me a great opportunity to get pictures of several of New York's most famous landmarks.

Flatiron Building

GE Building (aka 30 Rockefeller Plaza)

Chrysler Building

Empire State Building

The Skyline of Lower Manhattan

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Jack said...

Great photos Wes and Roxi! The pictures of the Flat Iron Building triggered a recollection of "23 Skidoo" and the origin of this phrase as told by our tour guide as we rode through Manhattan in the topless bus, although I later learned that many other places claim credit for this phrase. I think I need to look that one up in Uncle Mit’s Dictionary of Americanisms!