Saturday, July 01, 2006

Are you "Lost?"

Roxi and I just finished watching Season 2 of Lost this morning and I finally feel like I can write about it without the risk of spoiler laden comments from. I have been a fan of the idea of the show since the beginning, but I was unable to devote the time to tune in each week during it's first season. For those who are unaware, it follows a group of survivors of a commercial plane crash on a mysterious island in the South Pacific. The island as well as the survivors have so many secrets, each episode usually focuses on one of the islands' secrets and one of the survivors' past. It makes for some compelling though often times soap opera-y television.

Thanks to Netflix, I was able to watch Season 1 of the show without the annoyance of week-long breaks from the action. I am pretty much convinced that this is the way to watch such a serialized show. I have faithfully tuned in to several shows like it such as Twin Peaks and the first three seasons of 24 to name a few, but when I got Netflix, I started catching up on shows like the Six Feet Under and the Sopranos and in doing so realized that there is almost no reason to actually watch a show as it unfolds over the course of a season.

Roxi caught up a few weeks after me and then we decided to use a gift card I received to purchase Season 2 from iTunes. We started watching the episodes about a month ago and finished this morning. Although there were a lot of cool and interesting revelations in the second season, the show seems to have fallen victim to other successful shows of it's nature: The writers probably never expected to last this long, so they are having to put in a lot of filler in order to keep the major story arcs going. Still, it teases my interest just enough to keep me coming back for more.

I highly recommend checking out Lost and giving it a chance if you don't appreciate it right away. The cliffhanger at the end of each episode should be enough to make you desperate another episode. I would also be interested in any theories other fans have about what exactly is going on on that island. Please feel free to post your ideas in the comments section.


Bubba's Sis said...

We LOVE 'Lost'! However, after watching it I find myself just that - lost! Hubby and I have seen every epdisode and we don't really have any theories, but we always keep coming back for more. What do you think? I don't really buy the 'Purgatory' theory. Maybe the 'Scientific Experiment' theory. I dunno. It's a great show, tho!

roxanne said...

As a scientist, I kindof don't like the "scientific experiment" theory because of how it portrays scientists as fuckwitts, but hey, it is the best theory for the show if you ask me.

I love getting lost in Lost!
and I love all the puns you can make about it too...

get lost!
etc etc