Monday, May 01, 2006

A Victory for the Music Consumer

It appears that Apple has made a deal with four of the major music companies to keep the price of song downloads at 99 cents. The record companies have been pushing to increase their profits from the downloads by forcing Apple to charge more per song on iTunes. This agreement should set an important precedent for digital music downloads. I just know that if the record companies get their way just once, they'll keep trying to take more and more without ever trying to improve the quality of their products. So not only is this a win for Apple but it a major victory for consumers of music.

1 comment:

roxanne said...

Yeah, $1 is okay, I can accept that, because that's about the price that I've ALWAYS paid per song, ever since I was buying tapes when I was 10...

but they're so friggin' greedy.

they don't even have to MAKE the doggon' cds anymore. so where is that $1 profit going? hmmm... to paying the radio to play "hit me baby one more time?"

at least the price wont go up!