Thursday, May 11, 2006

Indiana Jones Fans, Prepare To Be Disappointed

George Lucas is finally talking about the next Indiana Jones movie and it isn't pretty.

Contrary to how Hollywood usually hypes its blockbusters, the writer/producer says Indiana Jones' next adventure actually won't be any louder, bigger or faster than his last one. In fact, if Lucas gets his way (hint: he usually does), the Jones sequel will prize dialogue over decibels.

I already had pretty low expectations, but this tidbit has helped them slip lower. If the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy is any indicator, this is going to be a terrible movie that will besmirch the franchise worse than the Temple of Doom ever could. All of the actors in the prequels trilogy had great reputations and have delivered exceptional performances before and after the films, but the "dialogue" and "direction" that Lucas gave them was dreadful. The only thing that might save this production is for Lucas to take a hands off approach as producer. If history is any indicator, that will unfortunately not be the case.

Lucas also had some comments about the upcoming release of the original Star Wars Trilogy. He decided it would be a good idea to insult his loyal fans by sniping at their demand for an unedited version of the original Star Wars Trilogy.

"It's just the original versions, as they were," Lucas said. "We didn't do anything to it at all. But we're not sure how many people want that."

You might say quite a few, considering how many fans were angered by the digitized, expanded updates of episodes IV, V and VI. Lucas claims he's not re-releasing the originals to appease fans, but rather to bate them. "Now we'll find out whether they really wanted the original or whether they wanted the improved versions," he said. "It'll all come out in the end."

What an asshole.

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