Monday, October 17, 2005

Ben Goes To Mississippi

Ben, one of my roommates and former classmates at SAE, left Nashville for Gulfport yesterday to start doing construction work as the Gulf Coast continues to recover from Hurricane Katrina. He'll be down there for a couple of weeks making a considerable amount of money helping to rebuild the area. It sounds like he will be living in a house with the other contractors he'll be working with. Hopefully the living conditions are better in Gulfport than they are for people working to rebuild New Orleans.

Meanwhile, in the Caribbean, Tropical Storm Wilma has formed and looks to be headed into the Gulf of Mexico by this weekend. Wilma is the twenty-first named storm of the season making 2005 the most active hurricane season since 1933. It also marks the end of the alphabetic list of names allocated at the beginning of the season. Any more named storms this year will be historic. If a new storm forms, 2005 will officially set the record for the most active season since storm records began in 1851. Since we're out of names, storms will be named for letters of the Greek alphabet from here on out. So it will be interesting indeed considering the season still has another month and a half left.

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