Saturday, June 27, 2009

Carnival in Oldenzaal

I have obviously been very bad about posting lately but it has simply been a result of not doing a lot around the Netherlands since we've returned from Louisiana at the beginning of the month. It's not that we haven't been busy, it's just that very little of what we've been up to is worth making daily posts. While Roxi has been busy writing up papers about her work here at the university and doing some gardening on a campus plot, I have been busy with the new blog as well as working my way through hours of home videos that we have shot over the past year and a half. I am using what's left of of my remaining time out of work to catalog and edit the videos and it has been a tedious blast! It has been quite a treat to remember all the things that we have done in the past eighteen months.

One of my most recently completed videos documents our trip to Oldenzaal, The Netherlands on February 22, 2009. My brother Garrett and his fiance Nicole were visiting us during the traditional Mardi Gras season and it just so happened that Dutch Catholics celebrate their own version of Carnival. I posted a few pictures and an account of the trip back in February but now, I can finally post the related video of all the amazing parade floats.

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