Thursday, May 15, 2008

"There's No Place Like Home (Part 1)"

Tonight we began the three-hour trek to the end of the fourth season of LOST. Unfortunately, we have to wait for two weeks to see the second and third acts of this finale. And it's a real bummer because this first hour was really just an appetizer setting the palate for what looks to be an explosive two-hour finale.


I really don't have a whole lot to say about this episode because, like I said, it really only spent this hour setting up what will happen in the next two. We did get to see the Oceanic 6 make their triumphal return to the real world. Jack made sure to remind them of their need to stick to "the story." So will we learn why it is so important to hide the truth of the plane crash in the next episode? I sure hope so because it is really baffling why they would all keep this secret.

Speaking of secrets, I like that Jack finally got to learn about his half-sister Claire. His reaction was one of utter horror. It has made me reconsider my assumption that Claire is dead. She must still be alive on the island for Jack to feel the way he appears to when Claire's mom spills the beans. And how did she wake from her coma? Did the Island have anything to do with that perhaps in an attempt to start Jack on his long progressing of wanting to return?

It was also nice to see Sayid meet Nadia after the Oceanic press conference. It is sad to know that her days are numbered though. And it was not surprising to see Hurley encounter the numbers so soon after his return. The only thing missing was for Jack to see Christian, but I suppose that's coming. It was also very satisfying to see that Sun bought a controlling interest in her father's company and will now be in charge. Will she use the Paik-Widmore connection to help find the island again in a future season? That's my guess.

As far as the on-island story goes, I guess the big question is how are the Oceanic 6 going to all be in one place to achieve rescue? Right now, Sayid and Kate are with the Others, Jack is with Sawyer looking for Hurley, Hurley is with Locke at the Orchid Station, and Sun and Aaron on the freighter.

Speaking of Sun, I think Jin is going to die on the freighter. All those explosives have to be hooked up to Keamy with that thing on his arm from last week. My theory is that if Keamy is killed, that device will set off all the C4 on the freighter. And I think that will ultimately happen in the next episode destroying the freighter and killing most of the people on board. I think that Sun and Aaron will escape on a lifeboat and then she will be reunited with Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid who were all picked up by Frank. Unfortunaely, my theory has Frank, Jin and possibly even Desmond dying. I don't know what LOST would do without Desmond's very compelling story, so I'm hoping I'm wrong about him.

And what about Michael? I still think that he's in the coffin from last season's finale. He will escape the destruction of the freighter but will commit suicide from the guilt of feeling responsible for Jin's death (remember Sun told he father that he was one of the two people she held responsible for Jin's death).

It's going to be a long two weeks, but the next time I write, we'll know who is in the coffin!


Stacy said...

Why stick with "the story"? Geez, where to begin? There's the whole messy Clare/Aaron thing so if they told the truth about that, then there goes Aaron and here come the questions. There is all the shooting of different people, the Others, the smoke monster. I would stick with "they all died in the crash" too.
I'm still holding out hope for Jin and Desmond, but not for Michael. Michael's story is so over. Desmond didn't make it this far to just die on a freighter. Well, Jin might be over, he kicks ass, but now Sun is kicking some ass of her own so she doesn't need him anymore. But hey, you can always be a ghost or a flashback on this show. I'm proud of Sun. Before the crash she was such a victim of everything, her culture, her marriage, her family. Not anymore! She isn't taking crap from anyone!

Bubba's Sis said...

I think Jin is dead, and Michael is the one in the coffin. Don't know about Desmond - would hate to see him die, but it's certainly possible! One of my questions is: their "story" is that 8 survived the crash and 2 died on the island - who are those 2 supposedly?