Thursday, May 01, 2008

"Something Nice Back Home"

Season 4 of LOST delivers again! With only four more hours left in the season, the pace has no time to let up as the drama was amped up again this week.


Danielle is dead?!? Jack is with Kate!?! Christian makes contact...twice!!!

It was quite an episode as we filled in a lot of blanks about the future not to mention the past (?) on the island. Jack's appendectomy went off without a hitch (his death on the island all but impossible assuming that linear storytelling is what is going on). Post-rescue Jack was able to come to terms with whatever was bothering him about Kate and now lives with her...but not for long. Is Kate ready to settle down? Maybe, but is Jack ready to be a guy without any emotional baggage...not at all. So is Jack's dad dead or not? I don't know, but Christian really seems to be more important all the time.

Meanwhile, Claire saw Christian the middle of the the middle of the jungle...and he was holding Aaron! So again, is Christian alive? I can't figure it out at all but I love it!

I also loved when Jin confronted Charlotte when he realized that she understood his Korean. As much I like who Jin has become, I enjoyed seeing the "gangster" Jin from the past. The stage is set for Sun's escape from the island without Jin.

I was seriously bummed to find out that Danielle is actually dead. I really thought that she was going to be wounded and that we would get the long-awaited flashback. Although Damon and Carlton have said that even if Danielle were dead, we could still get her story, I wanted a lot of meat to her flashback. I have heard that we will learn more about her, but I wanted it to be through her eyes and memories, not of someone else. But you can't always get what you want. I suppose I have to put my faith in the LOST team and hang on for the rest of the season.

So where is Claire? Did she leave with Christian? Or was it the Smoke Monster? I need more information and I need it now. But I realize that I must savor what we have left of Season 4. It will be another long hiatus and I have to enjoy what I have while I have it! It looks like next week is going to be really good!!!


Stacy said...

Dude, Sometimes I get lost on Lost. So in our flashforward: This was obviously after the trial, but was it was the beginning of when Jack got all bearded and strung out? Hurley eventually checks himself out of the looney bin and goes to see Sun, I'm assuming he doesn't check himself back in. I wish we could get to watch all the next ones in a row like I did before. It makes it really easy to follow when you get them all in a row. I totally agree with Jin kicking ass, they had better not kill him off. They need to quit killing everyone. Except for the bad guys, they can go ahead and kill them off. And what the crap? I thought the smoke monster was going to make short work of them. What, so we have like one guy limping? What the hell kind of smoke monster is that? I thought it was going to be bad guy carnage.

Bubba's Sis said...

Good point, Stacy! Why didn't the Smoke Monster make mince meat out of those bad guys?

Apparently not everyone who doesn't get off the island dies - Jack made the comment that Sawyer "chose to stay". So some stay and some go? Hmmm...

Wes Raine said...


I believe that the time-line for flash forwards thus is far is as follows:

1. Sun has her baby. Hurley visits Sun in Korea and together they visit Jin's grave.

2. Ben appears in the Sahara Desert. He travels to Iraq and meets Sayid at Nadia's funeral. Ben tells Sayid the "truth" about Nadia's death. Sayid kills the man who killed his wife and asks Ben who needs to be killed next. Ben tells Sayid that he will be in touch.

3. Kate stands trial for the murder of her father. Jack takes the stand in her defense. After the case is dismissed, Jack meets Kate in the parking garage and she invited him back to her house. Jack refuses because he does not want to see Aaron.

4. Sayid arrives in Berlin to kill the Economist. He fails and is shot. He meets Ben at a veterinarian's office who gives him medical help.

5. Hurley sees Charlie in a convenience store and has himself committed to the mental institution. Jack visits Hurley and Hurley tells Jack they have to go back to the island.

6. Jack and Kate are living together. Jack visits Hurley who has stopped taking his medications. Hurley tells Jack that he sees Charlie all the time. He also tells Jack that someone will be visiting him soon. Jack sees his father and starts to take painkillers to cope.

7. Bearded and drug addicted Jack tries to jump off a bridge but "can't." Jack and Kate meet at the airport and Jack tells Kate that they have to go back to the island.

I completely agree with your comment on the smoke monster. It sure seemed like the military group was destroyed by the monster then this week it seemed like a lot of them weren't too hurt by the whole affair. I don't get it either but what else is new right?

Wes Raine said...

I have never assumed that everyone who was not rescued must be dead. That is obviously what the world thinks though since that seems to be the cover story for the Oceanic 6. That being said, some of the survivors will die before the rescue of the Oceanic 6. This isn't much of a stretch, but my prediction for the season finale this year is that we will see the rescue of the Oceanic 6 but Jin will die making sure that Sun is safe. I'm also expecting Clair to die as well, but it could be before the rescue even happens.

Stacy said...

I agree with your timeline to a point, but I think Hurley gets out of the institution. Charlie tells him that the others need his help so I think he gets out and goes to see them all. I don't think that Jin or Clare do or should die. If they are going for another season, they need to keep some of their old people. Much more interesting for Sun to THINK Jin is dead than Jin actually being dead. Same goes for Clare.

Bubba's Sis said...

I disagree - I think Jin and Clare do die. Or maybe Clare just disappeared into the jungle. But I don't think either of them truly survive.

Then again, my theories are rarely accurate, so who knows!