Tuesday, December 11, 2007

LOST: Missing Pieces 5: "Operation Sleeper"

The latest installment of the missing pieces series is out and it deals with the time between when Sun and Juliet visited the Medical Station and when Jack and Juliet revealed to the rest of the Losties that Juliet was sent as a spy for Ben. As usual, there aren't any real revelations other than that Sun's life is in jeopardy very soon due to her pregnancy. But we all pretty much assumed that already. One interesting note is that Juliet questions weather it was Locke or Ben who blew up the sub. It is an interesting question to ponder although it sure seemed like Locke did it.

Click here for "Operation Sleeper."

In other LOST news, previews for Season Four are being shown in selected theaters and a video of one such preview has shown up on line. The quality is pretty bad and there really isn't much to see but here it is nonetheless:

There is no real news on the status of the writers strike other than we know it isn't over yet. Recently, a story has come out that Carlton Cuse did not go back to work as producer as previously reported. Read about it here.

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