Monday, December 03, 2007

LOST: Missing Pieces 4: "The Deal"

The newest missing piece is online and offers us our first glimpse of Michael since he and Walt sailed off the island at the end of Season 2. This scene is set when Michael was being held captive by the Others at the fake village. It is interesting to see the interaction between Michael and Juliet although, as is the case with most of these pieces, there is not any new information but there are a lot of call backs to past episodes.

Click here for "The Deal."

In writers strike news, negotiations began again last Monday but apparently they quickly broke down after the producers refused to give in to any of the writers' demands. Negotiations are set to begin again tomorrow. Meanwhile in Hawaii, LOST production reportedly finished filming the eighth episode of Season 4 on November 30 officially halting further production of the show until the strike is resolved. At least the Season 3 DVD set is coming out next Tuesday!

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