Saturday, October 27, 2007

Texas A&M vs. Kansas

Kansas football ain't what it used to be and it showed in College Station tonight. The Jayhawks defeated the Aggies by a score of 19-11. Kansas was on the verge of shutting out the Aggies at home until a fourth quarter field goal and touchdown with a two-point conversion gave Texas A&M some points. We were defeated by the better team, but I'm afraid that we will be playing teams better than us for the remainder of the season. I would love to see A&M win three in a row to close out the season, but with games at Oklahoma, at Missouri and facing Texas at home, I fear that we might go 0-3 in November. Our guys might have enough in them to get fired up to beat a sagging Texas team, but they will really have to get it together, because Texas has really been hit or miss this season. So with that being said, here's to the rest of the season, but I honestly don't have high of expectations in November.

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