Monday, December 05, 2005

Su Doku

I realized a little while ago that I have missed some days posting over the last week. I stated to think about why and realized that it is because I have become engrossed in Su Doku. It is an online game that Roxi told me about last week and ever since I started playing, I find myself trying to solve new puzzles whenever I have spare time. I would describe the rules but the game page does a much better job at it. I will say this: beware anyone who likes games of logic and problem solving. Su Doku will control you if you let it. Now back to the game!!!


katielady said...

I LOVE Su Doku! Unfortunately, any website even REMOTELY connected with games of any kind is blocked by our servers, so I can't even print them to do them illicitly. Boo. But it is VERY addicting. Joel says I'm addicted, but he says that about lots of things.

Jack said...

Wes we just discoved Su Doku a couple of weeks ago. There is a news report about it this past weekend and as you might expect, mom really got into it!

In fact we were trying to solve one while we were waiting for our dinner to be served. It's really fun!