Tuesday, August 23, 2011

On The Road To Nowhere: Day 5

We had a leisurely Sunday morning continuing our visit with the family but we had a long day of driving ahead of us.  We had so much leftover barbeque, Roxi and I made some sandwiches for the trip and packed up more of the leftovers for a couple of days worth of lunches down the road.  We gathered our things together and began our drive at noon.

Texas is a big state and proud of it; upon entering the east side of the state on I-10, the road sign happily announces that you are 880 miles from El Paso on western end of the state.  Driving across the state in one day takes an enormous amount of stamina and several drivers.  We decided it would be better for us to break things up unfortunately there isn't a lot of civilization between San Antonio and El Paso on I-10.  We had made arrangements to spend the night at a hotel in Fort Stockton which is apparently a popular stop for travelers making their ways across the Lone Star State.

Google Maps told us that the drive would take eight and half hours but it did not account for a speed limit increase once we got past San Antonio.  The posted limit went from 70 to 80 MPH and it made quite a difference.  With only a few stops along the way, we arrived in Fort Stockton at 8:00 pm.  The town is a dingy, dusty town that only survives because of travelers like us.  Thankfully there is a place to stop during the long cross state drive, but I will be happy to spend the rest of our nights of this trip with friends and family.

Day 5: Cypress, TX to Fort Stockton, TX, 502 miles

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