Sunday, July 04, 2010

America the Beautiful

I recently returned home from a week long trip to central Oregon.  During my time in Sunriver and an overnight trip to Portland, I was reminded of the beauty and geographic diversity of the United States.  It's been quite a while since I've been out West.  Sure I visited San Francisco a few years ago, but it's been several years since I've gotten out into the open countryside.  I've always liked to take drives to explore places I live or am visiting.  Relatively early in my life I was introduced to the concept by my parents as we took all of our family vacations by car.  We drove to save money but an added bonus was an appreciation for driving across this massive nation of ours to see some pretty amazing natural wonders.  Driving through the high desert of central Oregon, seeing the majestic beauty of the Cascade Mountains and getting an aerial perspective of the sprawling Great Salt Lake prior to a layover in Salt Lake City really makes me want to renew my exploration of the United States and all of it's natural beauty.  I love America and hope that I never take for granted how lucky I am to have been born here.

Happy 234th birthday America!  I love you and wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

Mt. Hood

Warm Springs Reservation

Benham Falls

Great Salt Lake


Jack said...

Very nice photos and a fitting tribute to America the Beautiful, which you described so well!

Mera Pakistan said...

Off course America have many beautifull places, but world also have beauty.

Apurva said...

Marvelous Photos! Indeed USA is a beautiful country.

The photo of salt lake is extremely beautiful.

Megan said...

I have always wondered what The Great Salt Lake looks like.. Thanks for posting this Pic..

reggieyoungkid said...

Yea america is very beautiful i see you are taking wonderful view picture of the beaty about america and we know how well it is to be here.

amed said...

Welcome Travel
I hope you well be the last

Anonymous said...

Great photos.

Yes, America is a very beautiful country...and too many of it's cities and burbs ugly. I think we Americans must do everything we can to preserve what is pristine in nature.

Most cities are beyond repair.

Flighsts to USA said...

Indeed america is only country in the world has every thing for the every types of travelers from the natural beauty to the modern vibrating society and buildings.
so you can go in any season to the America for the purpose of traveling and touring.
Best of luck