Tuesday, February 09, 2010

"What Kate Does"

Another episode of LOST is in the books and I'm not really sure what to say, but I'll try...


Are we done with Kate-centric episodes now? Hopefully so because they have been pretty much useless since sometime in Season 2. She hasn't developed as a character or changed in any discernible way over the course of the show and I don't need to see any more episodes focusing on her this much.

That all being said, there were a few interesting yet still murky things we learned. Apparently Sayid is still Sayid but there's "a darkness in him" that will turn him when it "reaches his heart." And how do the Others know this? Because it happened to Claire! I've been one who has thought that Claire died back in Season 4 and although it may not have occurred in the explosion of her house in Dharmaville, something happened that caused her to need the healing of the Temple fountain. I wonder if the water was cloudy/dark when she was healed as well. And What about Ben? He's a pretty dark-hearted guy. Could the same thing have happened to him? Temple leader Dogan referred to what Sayid had as the sickness. I think we can safely assume that this is the same sickness that Danielle was obsessed with. So if the other members of her team got the sickness by going under the temple where the Smoke Monster resided, why did the fountain affect Claire and Sayid in the same way?

I feel really bad for Sawyer. He's had a crappy life and has made made some bad choices but was pretty happy in 1977 Dharmaville. It sucks that he blames himself for Juliet's death. I can't see a way he'd end up with Kate nor should he. I only hope he can find some happiness when all is said and done. Apparently, he's very important as the Others said he was. They also said Jin may be "one of them." I wonder what that means. Saviors of the Island I hope!

I realize this post is a bit disjointed and short but not only was the episode a mainly uneventful Kate story, but I'm also still sidetracked by the Saints' Super Bowl victory (Who Dat!) and my delayed return to Memphis late this afternoon. I hope that next weeks' episode is a little more enlightening or at least engaging. Now we begin the wait (thank goodness ABC decided not to preempt LOST for the stupid Winter Olympics!).

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