Monday, October 13, 2008

Texas A&M vs. Kansas State

Again I am a few days late on this but I have as usual been very busy with work on game day as well as several social functions Saturday and Sunday. By now anyone who cares knows that the Aggies were defeated at home by Kansas State by a score of 44-30. I again listened to most of the game on the radio while working and although the Aggies put up some great stats in a variety of aspects of the game, they couldn't add the most important, the score, when they needed to. It was especially disappointing when the Aggies took the ball all the way to the K-State 2-yard line and could not score on two attempts. This ends the winning streak against K-State streak that started with the upset in the Big XII Championship ten years ago. I'm not sure what the Aggies need to do but the really need to start working on it as the rest of the schedule will not get any easier.

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