Monday, September 08, 2008

Ike Turns Southwest

It's looking less and less likely that Ike will make landfall anywhere in south Louisiana. Yesterday it looked like Ike might hit Galveston and Houston directly sometime this weekend, but it has continued to move southwest and now looks like it will make landfall around Matagorda Bay in south Texas. So now that there is little to no threat to Lafayette, can the garbage men come and take my trash? It's been a week since Gustav and all of the city's piles dead branches and leaves are starting to stink.

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Roxanne said...

ahem, did you mention that MOS-friggin-SQUITOES love something about those piles of debris? I don't know if they have nests up in there, or if they eat nectar from dead branches or if they mate in them or whatever is going on with them, but I am certain of one thing: Mosquitoes love the piles of debris in front or our house. And they will be very happy until early October or sometime around then. Nasty.